Pressed Glass Beads

Czech Fancy Pressed (also called Druk) Beads have by far the widest range of shapes, sizes, colours, and coatings – they provide literally endless options and variations of use. The quality is excellent and consistent. Our shapes are as below plus more …

2 Holes Dagger Beads
2 Holes Lentil Beads
2 Holes Pressed tila Beads
2 Holes Rectangle Beads
Angel Wings Beads
Animal Beads
Bi-Bo Beads
Bi-cone Beads
Bird Feather Beads
Buddha Head Beads
Cabochon Beads
Carrier Beads
Christmas Shape Beads
Coin Beads
Cube Beads
Curved Petal Beads
Dagger Beads
Drop Beads
Drop Melon Beads
Drop Pendant Beads
Druk Rondelle Beads
English Cut Beads
Flat Flower Bell Beads
Flat Star Beads
Flower Cup Beads
Flower Petal Beads
Fossil Shell Beads
Fruit Beads
Half Pinch Beads
Hamsa Hand Beads
Hawaiin Flower Beads
Heart Beads
Leaf Beads
Lentil Beads
Maple Leaf Beads
Melon Beads
Mushroom Button Beads
Olive Melon Beads
Orion Beads
Ornamental Beads
Other Shape Beads
Oval Beads
Piggy Beads
Pinch Beads
Ponny Beads
Pyramid Stud Beads
Rectangle Beads
Ripple Beads
Rose Petal Beads
Round Druck Beads
Seratted Dagger Beads
Shell Beads
Space Disk Beads
Spike Beads
Square Beads
Squarelet Beads
Tooth Beads
Top Hole Round Druck Beads
Trilobite Beads
Tulip Bell Beads
Tulip Petal Beads
Twist Beads
Voodoo Funny Face Beads